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A new Concept School that can change the current scenario in pre-schools & early years.

The Ashram Group of Institutions

  • ‘TASSC Model Education’ launches its very special and dear Project ‘Buds ‘N’ Buddies’ to enhance the quality of a young learners journey, preserve and protect childhood, nourish those tender years and make every ‘Bud’ bloom into a beautiful ‘Flower’.
  • Buds ‘N’ Buddies will study the pattern in every child, considering the age and phase of the child’s growth and help the child and the parent to set into our learning atmosphere.
  • Initially, the child can attend any session in school through the day.
  • Buds ‘N’ Buddies Academy will travel with the parent and child for a holistic upbringing that involves all aspects of a child’s growth – physical, mental, emotional, psychological, artistic, sports and a value based cultural development along with health.
  • Our Buds ‘N’ Buddies Academy will provide doctors, counsellors and advisors in various aspects to give direction in this upbringing process.
  • Our Academy will help you to maintain records, as once the child is enrolled with us, we help the parent and child to keep a track at every stage in the growing up years.
  • The Academy offers a warm atmosphere of oneness for the child and the parent, as the child explores and understands the world around. It helps the child to connect with its own nature and abilities.
  • As we have a pattern and methodology for every age group, the parent can collect specific details from our office, as per the age of the child.

Education Without Fear And Without Stress 

Children are born with enormous energy and skill and noble qualities. In short, they are divine entities on Earth. The early years of a child are called the “FREEDOM YEARS” or “NATURE YEARS“ when they are absolutely on the lap of the divine and the vast creation, ready to explore every moment. When we see the features of a newborn and as they grow into six months, then one year, and more; there is so much we need to learn from them and about them.

 Every child is distinctly different and uniquely beautiful in their own way and the job of parents and adults around is to explore and enjoy this beauty and help in giving comfort, happiness and allow the child to just be a child, in order to evolve.

 Nature gives a certain rhythm to every child and we have to learn and understand the child’s rhythm before we thrust anything on them. 

It is our responsibility to introduce the child to the outer world, layer by layer making it a gradual process. When we as grown ups do the wrong things as they grow up; problems arise which affect the natural flow of the child’s formative years.


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The Ashrams Buds ‘N’ Buddies

3/9, North Avenue, Sri Nagar Colony, Saidapet, Chennai 600 015

The Ashrams Buds ‘N’ Buddies

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