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Concept, Philosophy and Vision of
Smt. Latha Rajinikanth
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Education Without Fear

Bringing the much needed relief for kids and parents, removing their stress and pressure, when a child goes through the transition from ‘HOME’ to ‘SCHOOL’.

TASSC Model Education

‘TASSC Model Education’ launches its very special and dear Project ‘ Buds ‘N’ Buddies to enhance the quality of a young learners journey, preserve and protect childhood, nourish those tender years and make every ‘Bud’ bloom into a beautiful ‘Flower’.

Anchored Holistic Upbringing

physical, mental, emotional, psychological, artistic, sports and a value based cultural development along with health.

It’s time to wake up to the need and Find our Routes back to our Roots.

Childhood is the biggest gift given by God to the human being and it can never be replaced once it is shaken or taken away. It is in this period that the foundation is laid for a strong emotional, psychological health that is most important to mould the future personality of a human being. It is all about handling energy and if we are not aware of handling it right, a truly great energy could be diverted into areas which you can’t understand later like temperament, attitude, characteristics, etc. which begin to form in those tender years.

It is important to mould a child into a good human being with great skills, which we can explore with them and lay a successful path for them. It is important to remove fear and anxiety attached to schooling. Infact it is important to prepare them to smoothly fit into the concept of schooling.

BUDS ‘N’ BUDDIES redesigns and redefines upbringing.
It’s time to wake up to the need and find our routes back to our roots…


– Smt. Latha Rajinikanth
Founder, Chairperson & Creative Director

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WE WARMLY INVITE you for the opening of “BUDS N BUDDIES” with a NAVARATRI CARNIVAL. We would be honoured to have you with us on this Momentous occasion. We welcome you & your family to begin your journey with us…


• Register your child with Buds ‘N’ Buddies and get automatic membership to Buds ‘N’ Buddies Academy at any of our 2 locations.

• Our Admission team will guide you through the process involved based on the child’s age group.

• Admission to Buds ‘N’ Buddies is open throughout the year.

• For more details and application form contact our Admission Team at any of the mentioned locations.

We also offer Programs for children in the age groups of

2+ (Pre-KG level)
3+ (L.K.G. level)
4+ (U.K.G. level)
5+ (Std. I level)
6+ (Std. II level)

Redefining Early Education

Education without fear and without stress

Every child is distinctly different and uniquely beautiful in their own way and the job of parents and adults around is to explore and enjoy this beauty and help in giving comfort, happiness and allow the child to just be a child, in order to evolve.

It is our responsibility to introduce the child to the outer world, layer by layer making it a gradual process. When we as grown ups do the wrong things as they grown up; problems arise which affect the natural flow of the child’s formative years.

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Our Locations

The Ashrams Buds ‘N’ Buddies

3/9, North Avenue, Sri Nagar Colony, Saidapet, Chennai 600 015

The Ashrams Buds ‘N’ Buddies

49-A Subramanian Street,
Abhiramapuram, Chennai 600 028